About Us?

Miksan Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was founded in 1977 at Hasköy as a workshop by producing 71 frame squirrel cage electric motors.

In 1982 our company expanded by manufacturing immersion pumps which constitute a large portion of the domestic market and in 2003 by producing vibration motors and establishing a second factory in Bulgaria.




Standart cast iron pump body
Max. 29,2 l/min.
Max. 1000 m
Depth of immersion -  410 mm. Lenght of the suction pipe could be changed

Coolants and lubricants
Emulsions (min %5 oil)
Deep hole drilling



Spindles : High performance steel, Hardened steel 
Pump body : Cast iron - DIN GG 25 
Suction casing : Cast iron - DIN GG 25 
Discharge casing : Cast iron - DIN GG 25 Pompa 
housing and coupling : Aluminium 
rotary-shaft lip type seal : PTFE 
O-ring : FKM(FPM) 
suction pipe : Steel 
Electric motor : 3 phase induction motor 
2 pole, 3000 d/d; 
4 pole, 1500 d/d (Optional) 
Protection degree IP 54, IP 55 
Isolation class F

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MİKSAN Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.